About the CDs

An outline of the CDs themselves is briefly outlined as follows.  Since this project is still in production as of this writing (December 2008), the finished content may vary slightly from what is described below.

CD #1 Thumbprint Stories
The Thumbprint Fountain (the first Thumbprint story)

Mr. Lim (the elderly owner of the Chinese Cafe)

Christmas Eve in Thumbprint (a baby is born in a taxi)

Duncan’s Music (an old farmer loves the opera)

Blind Flat Justice (two boys find their personal hero)

The Grand Opening (an R.C.M.P. constable gives the gift of dignity)

CD #2 War Stories
Jack McLean’s Story (the initial landing on June 6, 1944, as experienced by a young soldier)

Don James’ Story (captured, escaped, captured, escaped, shot, captured, blown up, bandaged, incarcerated, rescued!!)

Albert Cooke’s Story ( a wounded POW owes his life to two unknown “angels”)

The Women’s War (women face grief and joy together)

Colonel Locky Fulton’s Story at Appingedam ( a commander’s view of the last battles)

Ice Cream (a friendship is grows in the midst of war)

CD #3 Family Stories
The Glasgow Police Choir Concert (a stranger gives the gift of kindness)

The Perfume of Pears (canning pears – mother and daughter)

My Brother’s Christmas Story (a rescue and a gift on Christmas eve)

Depression Choices (leaving home, finding home)

Little Lem (A little boy learns to say the right thing in every occasion)

The Fortune Teller (someone from the “other side” sends a message)