Lorne Brown

Honoured Teller – 2011


Drawing on his legendary vast repertoire, Lorne Brown sings and tells us old ballads, family stories, ancient legends and well-loved folktales. In both English and French, he makes us laugh and cry, challenges us to think, surprises us with little known facts – did you know that When You and I Were Young, Maggie is a Canadian song from Hamilton? Lorne takes us fishing on a famous logging river, entertains us with recitations, and has us singing along with his banjo. Lorne intersperses haunting tunes on his alto recorder with lullabies and literary tales, offering a collection of all that he holds dear: family, nature, the moon, the importance of friends, the almost spiritual experience of group singing, a respect for the past, and a love of Canada.

Disc 3 of this 3-CD set was recorded on January 15, 2011 at the Legless Stocking Event, Toronto, ON. We are grateful to the following attendees who joined in the chorus and gave us their permission to list their names.

  • Thank You One and All!
  •  Meryl Arbing
  • Joan Bailey
  • Kathleen Bailey
  • Pat Bisset
  • June Brown
  • Alex Brown
  • Sandra Carpenter-Davis
  • Aubrey Davis
  • Dianne Chandler
  • Bernie Chandler
  • Sue Charters
  • Anderson Charters
  • Charly Chiarelli
  • Judith Cohen
  • Rita Cox
  • Joanne Crabtree
  • Ruth Danziger
  • Donna Dudinsky
  • David Gladstone
  • Jackie Gladstone
  • Eva Danziger
  • Bernice Hune
  • Sally Jaeger
  • Erika Webster
  • Jody James
  • Glenna Janzen
  • Karen Kaplan
  • Howard Kaplan
  •  Anna Kerz
  • Connie Hubbard
  • Celia Lottridge
  • Carol McGirr
  • Kim Michele
  • Judith Nancekivell
  • Marylyn Peringer
  • Paul Robert
  • Beverlie Robertson
  • Ruth Shushan
  • Mark Pancer
  • Molly Sutkaitis
  • Heather Whaley
  • Terri Whitfield
  • Gary Cooper
  • Megan Williams
  • Harriet Xanthakos
  • Dan Yashinsky
  • Jean Brown
  • Carol Leigh Wehking
  • Lynda Howes
  • Jim Howes
  • Cathy Melville
  • Karen Blair
  • Paula Graham
  • Jackie Howard
  • Norm Perrin

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