Story Sources

“How Li Ji Killed The Snake.” The clappertale version is by Kate Stevens herself. Her story is based on the original tale by Gan Bao (?- 336 CE) as recorded in his book In Search of Spirits (Sou Shen Ji).

“The Frog Wife” (“Qing Wa Shen”). One of the tales that Pu Songling (1640-1715) incorporated in hisStrange Tales From Make-do Studio (Liao Zhai Zhi Yi).

Riddles. Kate collected these from a variety of Chinese riddle books. She notes that, alas, she does not have the original sources to hand.

“On The Fifth Day Of The Fifth Month We Hang Up Mugwort” (“Wu Yue Chu Wu Gua Ai Hao”). This particular version is from Interesting Stories Of Popular Customs (Min Su Qu Hua). Kate has no further information about this book.

“Peng Zu And His Wife” (“Peng Zu de Gu Shi — 2”). This story appears in The Dragon King’s Daughter(Long Wang de Nü Er) by [Zhang] Qingshui (1929).

“The New Year’s Picture” (“He Xin Nian Chi Jiao Zi”). This tale is from Anthology of Stories of Chinese Folk Arts (Zhong Guo Min Jian Gong Yi Gu Shi Xuan) 1983.

“Where I Live.” Kate created this story in answer to the question: “Where do you live?” The material included owes a great deal to articles by Grant Keddie, archaeologist of the Royal British Columbia Museum. The articles appeared in a community newspaper. The setting is Harling Point, Victoria, B.C.