Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada [SC-CC] is an national arts service organization that seeks to promote, support and contribute to the growth of storytellers and to ensure the continuing development of the art of storytelling as an integral aspect of Canadian culture.


SC-CC is seeking an experienced individual with marketing, technology  and general organizational skills. The StorySave Project Manager will be hired on a one-year contract basis with expectation of annual renewal in subsequent years. The goal is to work with one storyteller per year, launching a new set of CDs at each SC-CCannual conference.




The StorySave project beganin 2001 as a means of recording the voices of elders from the Canadian storytelling community for distribution via CDs and audio website. The mandate was set as follows:


·        that selected storytellers should be working from a particular repertoire

·        that selected storytellers should be members of SC-CC

·        that the intention of the recordings should be for public dissemination rather than archival

·        that the aim would be to produce a maximum of 3 CDs per set for each storyteller

          that each CD set should be a representative compilation rather than a    comprehensive record of each storyteller’s work

·        that each storyteller’s web pages should include further stories, a brief bio and other appropriate written material.


Interested individuals should send resume’s no later than November 27, 2013 to:


The National StorySave Project Manager Position


Human Resource Officer

Storytellers of Canada – Storytellers of Canada


StorySave Project Manager Job Description

The Project Manaager is contracted to work 5-6 hours per week, plus attend meetings, and receives a monthly stipend of $650.00 (funded by the Canada Council for the Arts).

The Project Manager is responsible for production, promotion and distribution, budgeting, and fundraising, and reports to the SC-CC Board through the StorySave Committee. The Project Manager is responsible for communicating with the various groups and individuals involved with all aspects pertaining to the production of the CDs for the “next teller.”

The Process for Choosing the Next Teller (begins early Spring and ends early December)

          send monthly email advisories to all SC-CC members re the nomination procedure/deadline

          send a letter to all prior nominators asking if they wish to resubmit their nominee

          scan/send all nominations to StorySave Committee Members

          send letter to advise the “next teller” and letters to nominators whose nominees were not chosen

          prepare teller contract and ensure that the next teller has signed and returned the SC-CC contract

CD Production

          create timelines to ensure that CDs are available at conference launch

          maintain communication with the dedicated production committee (dpc) throughout the project

          receive materials from the dpc: master CDs, liner notes, photographs

          liaise with the graphic designer (liner notes)

          participate in the editing of the liner notes

          liaise with the website designer

          liaise with the CD manufacturer to ensure timelines are met

          ensure registration for: ISBN (CD bar code number), Cataloguing in Publication (CIP), and Legal Deposit (Library and Archives Canada)

CD Promotion and Distribution

          liaise with the StorySave Committee and dpc regarding promotion within the storytelling community, and local and national launches

          supervise CD Inventory Manager

          maintain the StorySave archives

CD Budgeting

          establish the overall annual budget

          ensure sound financial management throughout each CD project

CD Fundraising

          in cooperation with dpc, responsible for raising funds appropriate to project needs

          in cooperation with the dpc and teller, seek funding from federal, provincial, and local funding agencies/corporations/foundations through the writing of grant applications

          write report for inclusion in SC-CC grant proposals; e.g., CCA application


          provide bi-annual written reports to the Chair of the StorySave Committee for posting on workspace

          provide bi-annual reports in writing for posting in the Members’ Newsletter and SC-CC Members’ page

          attend meetings with any of the above boards, committees, and individuals, as required


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