Celia Lottridge




Honoured Teller 2014

Celia Lottridge grew up in a storytelling family. She was forever hearing them, reading them and then telling them herself and to her younger sister, a wonderful listener. She began storytelling as a children’s librarian and teacher librarian but it was when she settled in Toronto in the late 1970s that she came to know other storytellers and storytelling became central in her life. She was one of the founders of The Storytellers School of Toronto, now Storytelling Toronto, and was involved in the Toronto Festival of Storytelling from its beginning. She is also a co-founder of The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program and attended the first meeting of Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada. She likes to be there at the beginning of things.
Celia is also a teacher of storytelling and the author of many books which relate to storytelling, but it is telling stories that Celia loves most. “When I tell a story, it lives for me and I hope it will live for a listener and, perhaps be passed on by a new voice.”
Celia Lottridge is known as an entrancing teller: her stories captivate her audience, and in this recording for StorySave, you will find three groups of wonderful tales from places close to Celia’s heart.


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